Off-site Mastercam and Autodesk Fusion programming

Don't have a seat to spare? No Problem. I have my own. Email your STP file, and/ or PDF print or Solidworks file and I will give you a quote and ETA.

N1016(TOOL-1016 - 1/2" 3 FLT CARB BALL EM)
G0 G90 G54.1 P2 X.0905 Y9.9554 B0.0 S12000 M3
G43 H1016 D1016 Z.25
G1 Z.1347 F50.
Y9.9552 Z.1322 F150.
Y9.955 Z.1298

Custom On-site consulting and training

Do you need custom CNC training or consulting at your facility? I can do that.