About Jason Vice

I graduated with an AAS in precision machining from Lake Washington Institute of Technology in 1996. While in college, I was the president of the student government, was awarded a full two year scholarship to the university of my choice by the Governor of WA, and successfully mediated a labor dispute between the faculty and the administration (in addition to my 3.75 GPA). I now proudly serve there as the long standing chairman of the advisory committee to the machining program that I graduated from.

I have a wide range of experience spanning over 20 years, mostly in the aerospace industry, ranging from machining G10 at 50,000rpm on a 5 axis mill to running Inconel and titanium on older machining centers. I have been a manager at first tier aerospace providers, a lathe programmer, mill programmer, manual machinist, cell manager, prototype machinist, inspector, instructor, off site programmer and I have set up mill / turn centers for high production. I have machined plastics, wood, aluminum, leadalloy, magnesium, stainless steel, Hastelloy, Waspalloy, boat shaft, heat treated high carbon steel, half hard brass, copper, welded assemblies, tooling, and some stuff I probably forgot. I have never been fired from any job, and I have always been a favorite manager among my employees.

I am very passionate about manufacturing education in Washington State. I teach classes and provide input on curriculum for the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee as well as teach Mastercam instructor workshops.

I have a talent for cell system management and continuous process improvement, and have a reputation for regularly achieving machine utilization rates in the 90-96 percent range during 24/7 production cycles lasting for weeks, as well as significantly reducing and in some cases, eliminating set-up times.

I also have a talent for CNC programming, prototyping, and tooling design. I have my own Mastercam industrial mill license and Mastercam Instructors license as well as a seat of Autodesk Fusion 360.